“A must-read memoir of the years when women believed everything was possible-and made it so.”-Congressman Earl Blumenauer

“Quite a story … I read it twice.” –Jody Seay, Moderator and Creater of TV Series “Back Page” (click here for full video interview).

“This compelling personal history. .. will inspire its readers, both women and men, to move forward together to do work for equality for all members of society.” –Sarah Weddington, professor, legislator, and lawyer, who at age twenty-six successfully argued and won the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade

“Few public figures’ accounts of their lives are particularly honest, compelling, or worthwhile. Roberts’ memoir is all of these-and more.” –Willamette Week

“…a fascinating look into the campaigns of a pioneering woman in American politics…. [T]his book provides unique insights into what it means for a woman to take on the political power structure.”-Debbie Walsh, Director, Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University

“Long overdue and profoundly welcome. .. will fascinate and encourage every woman who is blazing her own trail today. “-Lynn Hecht Schafran, Director, National Judicial Education Program

“… a treasure box of insights about campaigns, political planning, and the process of gradual legislative change. . . [It] deserves a wide readership in Oregon and across the country.” – Eugene Weekly

“… a vivid history of the coming of age of the women’s movement, a history that should be celebrated and read and understood by everyone … exceptional as both a telling of the growth of the women’s movement and as a history of Oregon politics through the latter half of the twentieth century.” –Oregon State Bar Bulletin

“… tells the story of the women’s movement from a political insider’s perspective. … It’s a history that every woman should know-it explains how far we have come and illuminates a path for the millennial generation to continue the fight.” –Norma Paulus, former Oregon Secretary of State and the first woman to hold a statewide elected office in Oregon

“… will captivate women of all ages-those who experienced discrimination in the past and younger readers who encounter today’s glass ceilings. … We can all relate to the ‘grit’ and ‘grace’ she describes as giving voice to our own stories.” –Katherine O’Neil, board member, American Bar Association

“A story that truly needed to be told. .. a timely reminder that the barriers Roberts encountered didn’t fall from natural forces-they were pushed, kicked, and intentionally dismantled.” –The Gresham Outlook

“A lively and forthright memoir.”- The Olympian